About Myself

My Journey

My name is Nina Popovici, I am a dedicated designer & artist. I did taste art since early childhood when I started to imagine and draw the bedtime stories told by my parents and grandparents. At the beginning I started small, on scrap paper, then one day, exhausting all the pages, I was looking at the walls in my room, with a smile and exploratory heart I dared to expand my visions on those 4 immaculate “canvases”.

I created my own virtual world, timeless, with my heroes, unseen creatures and surreal, all imagined, deformed and transformed by my own understanding and imagination ... I have been in love with drawing ever since, as it offered me inner peace and serenity. My background is mostly graphic design & visual art, as I have been studying in schools with an art profile. The first environment was “Octav Bancila College Of Visual Arts”, where I learned to sharpen my visual skills and perceive the qualities from the environment. We practiced digital & traditional graphic techniques.

After college was University, where I spent 3 years deepening the knowledge based in the college years followed by the discovery of new technologies and ways of working with visual media & digital tools.

Teaching others on my journey

I started working with mural painting and getting a lot of commissions and clients, as self employed. After a while, one of the companies that I was painting for that was a private school, needed a teacher for their kindergartens visual art classes. The potential behind this was quickly uncovered so I was offered many more hours and classes to conduct with different year students.

Visual communication and expression is a skill and was very important to teach by doing. That way, my students remembered the times they tried something new when they achieved amazing results themselves. After these two years I had to relocate to Denmark and I left my teaching and mural job in Romania.

Learning a new language is another whole process in itself. Denmark offered me a new set of challenges as well as a new set of skills. Unlike other roles I had before, this time I had to branch out into the unknown and try my luck. I spent a lot of time researching the market for prices, opportunities, exhibitions and projects.

My relation with technology

I started using a computer at an early age and was fascinated when the internet appeared, at the time I was playing computer games like Red Alert or Quake3, but most of all - the visual graphics, which at the time were quite primitive. As the internet rolled in, we started communicating with people from overseas quite easily, we streamed music online and saw the very first internet web pages, basically learning a new way to communicate and think.

I started using technologies like Photoshop, curious about colours, gradients and the million ways you could play with an image. After college I kept my graphic design profile and went on to study at “George Enescu University” where I began to go in-depth working with many kinds of media. From hand-drawing to digital drawing and photography, illustrations and editing. Next up on my list was Illustrator. From drawing and concept to the actual design, where I could easily create many possible options with a few clicks. This took me to the next level, creatively & digitally.

After a few years of working with Adobe and Corel Draw I got a job at a print shop in London. Here, I applied the skill I had from university and I learned much more about printing, and layout - as my role was digital print operator. My job was to create simple designs for flyers, business cards, and many more. Printing sounds easy but in order to create a good quality product, you must be focused. After a while, curiosity took over me and I enrolled in the Multimedia Design program in Copenhagen where I would deepen my relation with technology and learn how I can use my background to create innovative design solutions with modern technologies!

What can I offer?

My goal is creating new, efficient and pleasing aesthetic design solutions but also interfaces that can help our society thrive and overcome hardship. My values are mutual respect and open communication, with the expectations laid out on the table. Respect for our planet and animals, by recycling and having environmentally friendly ideas to work with. Punctuality and consistency help me reach my greatest potential in work. I am a flexible person, but I prefer to have a fixed stable routine.

Another goal is to improve the quality of the web design that can bring innovative ideas to life. Finding solutions for the problems we are currently facing and coming together to create a better world.

My favourite tools are Adobe XD, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Figma, HTML, CSS and Github. I would like to work with animation, character design, graphic design, UX & UI Design and multimedia. UX & UI design is what I would prefer to do but I am open to learning new things. I am experienced in working with frameworks like Bulma, Bootstrap, Npm, Parcel. One of my favourite things is using Wordpress to create websites and I like keeping my apps fully updated and functional.