"Today, my interest is being drawn by technology and multimedia so I believe that all the experience I’ve had as a visual artist has brought me to this point in time that urges me to take a different path into web design. I am a resourceful, dedicated & passionate designer and visual artist, looking for opportunities to grow within the team and together, bring exuberance and innovative design solutions to our modern way of life. "

My favourite tools

What I use to bring my ideas to life!


Built with the latest version of HTML, HTML5.


Built with the latest version of CSS, CSS3.


Adobe Cloud is what I use to design.


I use drawing to sketch my ideas before design.

Color palette

I love working with colors!


Using spray paint to add finishing touches on murals.

Multimedia projects


My Internship task was to be able to collaborate with my employer and create an Ecommerce interactive web app that would enable them to sell products online. I created the project from scratch, using the SCRUM method to optimise my development process. I have been a vital part of the company's brainstorming sessions where they discussed sales, business ideas, new potential clients and how they are expecting the company to evolve. This website was created using Wordpress and the Flatsome theme.

Foobar App & Infographic

How can we keep Foobar in business while respecting the social distancing rules imposed in Denmark? What ideas or assets could we provide to help them achieve this objective, of bringing the people together and offering them beer in a safe environment with good quality drinks and services? An infographic screen dashboard presenting instructions to the users, coupled with an individual app on each table in the bar could be the solution. Made with Vanilla Javascript, HTML 5, SASS, CSS, Parcel. 👩‍💻


Check out this Ecommerce website I created that gives off an air of mistery and unspoken charm, a flavour of dark cherry and forest fruits mixed with a standard UX layout is the welcoming theme at first sight. Because there is a deeper meaning in practicing artistic endeavours of all kinds, I wanted to bring together all of Rosie’s creative practices and sprinkle some magic to unify them and communicate them to the public in a way that describes the brand’s most prominent qualities. Made with Flatsome & WooCommerce.

My creative process

Today, my interest is being drawn by technology and multimedia so I believe that all the experience I’ve had as a visual artist, creating different kind of artwork, managing projects and branching out to new technologies, has brought me to this point that urges me to take a different path into web design.

As the world keeps changing its means of communication, its quality and at the same time disadvantage of being dependent on the digitisation process, urges us to step up and create new design solutions.

Here is a page I made to showcase a small part of my personal graphic design process. From idea to the final product there is a complex journey that requires both the designer and client to communicate efficiently. There are many ways to do that, now the important question is, what is the message?

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Light bulb

The light bulb, is a main element, created for our advanced animation school project. We used SVG to animate and set the tone for the theme of the project, "electricity and the light bulb". We created a desktop infographic screen that u can see by clicking the link below.

Rosie's Logo

This is a logo made for an emerging tattoo apprentice that wanted to create an online presence for her artistic services. The original drawing of the wolf belongs to Rosie.The ability to be flexible and adapt to different styles was important in creating this identity.

Digital minds

Experimental vectors connected to the digital and ongoing development of Ai in our times. Virtual reality is becoming the new reality. Is that good or bad? Everything in moderation. “Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”